October 8, 2016 is the date of my oldest sons 21st birthday.  What should be a day of celebration will only be met with sadness.  The reality is that my son will be forever 13.  We lost him to cancer 7 years ago right before his 14th birthday.

For those who knew Matt, his smile would light up a room.  He was both a great athlete and scholar.  He was intense but also kind.  As most children do, he fought his battle with cancer with such courage.  His answer to all medical professionals was always “I’m fine”.  

While he will not physically be with me on his birthday, he will be with me in spirit.  And on October 9, I will be participating in Ironman Kentucky and I know he will be with me every step I take.
I will be participating in this Ironman not only to honor and celebrate Matt, but to honor and celebrate so many who have fought and won as well as fought and lost their battle with cancer.

My goal is to dedicate every mile that day to someone who has struggled with Cancer.  An Ironman has 140.6 Miles!
I will:
Swim     2.4  miles
Bike        112 miles
Run        26.2 miles

My other goal is to raise $500 per mile.  That is the amount that we provide in grants per child through the 12 Oaks Foundation to kids in families struggling with cancer.  This goal amount will still not cover all the kids we will help in 2016, and the need is growing. See our website at www.12oaksfoundation.org for more information.
My first 1.4 and my last 1.2 miles will be run in honor of Matt.  The other 139 is where I need help.
Will you sponsor a mile (or Miles) for a loved one who has battled cancer (or yourself if you have battled cancer)?  The fundraising goal per mile would be:
Swim miles (2.4)                                               $1000
Bike Miles (112)                                                $250
Run Miles  (26.2)                                              $500


1.        You will set up your own fundraising page and be part of our Team Iron Journey (Your page will be set up in the name of who you are honoring).

2.       Through this fundraising page, you can ask family and friends to donate to help you reach your fundraising goal and support 12 Oaks Foundation and your honoree .

3.       On race day, Your loved one (or you) will be honored for as many miles as you want to commit to.  For example, if you pick Run Mile 1, through social media and other ways, we will reflect on your Mile 1 honoree while I am in my run mile 1.  You will commit to trying to raise $500 (because it is a run mile).  We will talk with you offline about WHICH specific mile you want – you cannot do this on this page.

 To set up your Fundraising Page,   Select Start Fundraising now.  Or email ElizabethMartin0050@gmail.com for detailed instructions on setting up your fundraising page.
If you prefer to provide a general donation towards our goal, Please donate under the Julie Hupp- Iron Journey page.

These dollars will go towards our general goal of raising $500 per mile total.